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Schedule an HSI-STEM appointment here or call (408) 855-5522.

Marcelo is stationed in the STEM Learning Center on Thursdays between 4pm-7pm for walk-in counseling. 

HSI STEM Counselor workshops

Transfer readiness workshop - Provides overall general information about general transfer requirements and processes for University of California Campuses (UCs), California State Universities (CSUs), Private, & Out-of-state Colleges.

The transfer readiness workshops are scheduled  in SEC 135 for:

9/20 2pm-3:30pm
9/25 10:30am-12pm
9/27 5:30pm-6:30pm 

Time Management Workshop -  Learn about multiple strategies in order to better manage your time. 

9/25 2pm-3pm in SEC 216 

SMART Goals Workshop – Learn about how to effectively set goals for yourself in a variety of domains.

9/27 2pm-3pm SEC 230 

Note Taking – Learn how to effectively gather, organize, and store information as you prepare for midterms and finals.

10/4 1:30pm-3pm SEC 240 

Tentative future workshops:

What can I do with a major in Chemistry? Part of STEM week 10/23 OR 10/25
What can I do with a major in Biology? Part of STEM week 10/23 OR 10/25
Test anxiety/stress management workshop 11/27

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Marcelo Sanchez Heredia

Office: SEC 131G
Phone: 408-855-5308

Hello! I’m Marcelo, one of the HSI STEM Counselors at Mission College.

If you ever have any questions about classes, goals, or just want to talk. I am here to listen. I know if you are willing to put in the time and effort you can achieve your academic and career goals. 

That being said, I am sure you are going through a transition in one way or another. For many changes are scary and leave us feeling lost. It’s my job to find you, make changes smooth and manageable instead of daunting and overwhelming. I am here to serve you, and help you get back up so don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all have something to learn from one another and are in this together!