Mission College Associated Student Government

Service Area Outcomes

Welcome to Associated Student Government (ASG)

ASG Meetings are held every Wednesday at 2:30pm in Campus Center, room 215 - Upcoming Agenda

The ASG is a great opportunity to get involved and strengthen your student leadership skills by attending leadership conferences with other state wide community college peers and by learning to develop a strong sense of accomplishment in parliamentary procedures and addressing issues within the college structure. ASG meetings follow parliamentary procedure in accordance with the ASG Bylaws and those recognized by the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order.

Being in ASG you will learn how the Student Senate works to promote the interest and concerns of the student body at Mission College. ASG representatives work with college wide committees to ensure student's rights and privileges of college policy affecting academic and student affairs.

ASG has several leadership opportunities available to students. Some of the positions included are President, Vice-President, Student Trustee, Finance Director, Activities Director, and Recruitment Director.

The Senate facilitates an annual budget of which ASG provides approximately $45,000 in scholarships annually to Mission College Students

ASG Mission Statement

To be diplomatic leaders who take initiative with our resources and voice as the Student Senate to fully represent Mission College Students and to continually grow as accountable leaders

Further Opportunities for Involvement

ASG Saints Squad offers the opportunity to assist in planning, promoting and setting up for campus events and activities, while being affiliated with ASG . Involvement with the school community motivates ASG Saints to meet a wider variety of people and develop ownership and pride to enhance student life at Mission College.

The ASG Senate also promotes extra-curricular events and activities on campus and encourages students to join one of the ASG Student Clubs or create one of their own. Joining a club is a great way to meet students with similar interests, work in community service and enrich your college experience.

Director of Student Development: Rachael Goldberg
email: rachael.goldberg@wvm.edu
tel:  408-855-5407

Rachael Goldberg - Director of Student Development



Office of Student Activities Administrative Assistant: Liz Pelayo
email: liz.pelayo@wvm.edu
tel:  408-855-5406


Service Area Outcomes

SAO 1: Based on Institutional standards, the Office of Student Activities and ASG will hold up to four (4) educational and cultural activities each semester.
SAO 2: The ASG and campus clubs will be presented with several workshops and trainings each semester to understand Parliamentary procedures.
SAO 3: Serve our students, faculty, staff and community members with Student Activities, Student Life and leadership development.