ACCESS activities

At TRIO/SSS ACCESS, we want our students to enjoy their college experience. If you have any questions, please contact the TRIO/SSS ACCESS Program Office at (408) 855-5192 for more information

  • Priority Registration- Register before New, Returning, and Continuing Students and get first choice of instructors, classes and times!
  • College Tours - Tours of local colleges and universities occur throughout the semester.
  • Counseling & Advising - Our qualified staff counselors are always here to help students with their academic, transfer, career, and personal concerns.
  • ACCESS Orientation - TRIO/SSS ACCESS Counselor, Michele Hittleman, is the instructor for the ACCESS Program Orientation. Online sessions focus on financial literacy, student responsibilities, and career assessment. Individualized follow-up sessions focus on career assessment interpretation as it relates to the development of an Education Plan, and other academic counseling as needed. Students will complete five online Personal Management Workshops: Time Management, Financial Literacy, Navigating the Financial Aid Process, Understanding and Conquering Procrastination, and Stress Management. Other activities may include additional online or in-person workshops, cultural enrichment, and university tours.
  • Educational Plan - Developing an Educational Plan is the first step you can take to being successful in your academic goals. With the assistance of a TRIO/SSS ACCESS counselor, students are provided with a semester-by-semester breakdown of the courses needed to achieve their graduation and/or transfer goals. This process helps students to stay focused and eliminates enrollment into unnecessary classes.
  • Workshops, Campus Events, and Community Events - In collaboration with EOPS, MESA and STEM, TRIO/SSS ACCESS provides workshops to give students opportunities to overcome many academic and personal obstacles. Our topics range from Setting Academic Goals to Overcoming Test Anxiety. TRIO/SSS ACCESS students are also invited and encouraged to attend events on- and off-campus for cultural enrichment.
  • Sample Newsletter - A great source of information describing our monthly activities (e.g. scholarships, awards, workshops, recognition, avoiding scams, and more...) or check out the Archives of past issues.
  • Scholarship and Career Search Assistance - The Scholarship and Career Search Assistance Program consists of teaching students how and where to find information about scholarships and careers on the Internet.  TRIO/SSS ACCESS is continually updating scholarship options for all our students. In addition to providing information on specific scholarships, we also work with students to support them in successfully completing scholarship applications and essays.
  • Student Study Center - We strive to fulfill our mission of having an "open door policy." The TRIO/SSS ACCESS Program Office is open four (4) days a week for student use. Our students refer to the Student Office as a "home-away-from-home community."