Instructor Reserves

Textbooks on shelf in reserves

Instructor Reserves

Instructor Reserves are items placed on reserve by faculty for the students in their classes. You may place as many of your own materials as necessary on reserve. You may also request items from the Library's print or media collection to be placed on reserve for your students' use in the Library. You may place up to five books from the Library's collection on reserve per semester, for a maximum of one semester.

If you wish to place material on reserve, please print out and attach one Reserve Request form for each item. Please allow 48 hours notice for processing new reserves. Note that the call number for personally owned items is the instructor's last name.  Along with the normal catalog search features (title, author, and keyword) Instructor Reserve items will also be listed in the Library Catalog under the Instructor and Course.

For additional information regarding instructor reserves, see the Instructor & Textbook Reserves Policies for Faculty section of the Mission College Library Services, Policies, and Guidelines.

Reminder: According to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Legal Opinion M 02-22, community colleges need to "ensure that video material is captioned for student with hearing impairments." This relates to new purchases and the use of old videos.

Questions? Please call the Check Out Desk at extension 5150 and a Library Media Technician will have the answers!

Textbook Collection

Through generous grants from the Associated Student Government and the Student Equity Fund, the Library has a collection of many of the textbooks used in courses at Mission College. Textbooks are on reserve behind the Check Out Desk and are for use in the library only. Items are checked out for a two hour time period and cannot be taken out of the building, Please note that we are unable to purchase textbooks for all courses.

These textbooks are some of the most heavily used resources in the Library! We encourage faculty to provide copies of textbooks that can be placed on Instructor Reserve (see above).

For instructions on how to search for a textbook at Mission College, watch How to Find Textbooks in the Library. Note that students need to have the call number for a book to request it at the Check Out Desk (If the item is owned by an instructor, the call number is the instructor's last name). As a courtesy to your students, please include the Library call number on your syllabus.

Food for Textbook Program

The Food for Textbook Program is made up of donated textbooks. Please encourage your students to donated their used textbooks to this program. Textbook donations are accepted at the Library Check Out Desk. Students do not have to donate a textbook to participate in the Food for Textbook Program. For information about this program, go to the Food for Textbook Program page.