Library 10: Frequently Asked Questions

 Students working on an assigment

  • What is information competency?
    It is the ability to recognize when you need information and then be able to find, evaluate, and use that information effectively. Library 10: Information Competency is a one-unit course that can help you develop these skills.
  • Is information competency a graduation requirement?
    Yes. As of Fall 2006, students must fulfill an Information Competency proficiency requirement in order to graduate with an AA/AS degree. Library 10 fulfills this requirement.
  • Is there an Information Competency Proficiency Exam?
    Yes, there is. Passing the exam is another way to fulfill the proficiency requirement. You must receive a score of at least 70% on the exam to fulfill the Information Competency proficiency requirement. It is administered through the Mission College Assessment Center and students currently enrolled in Library 10: Information Competency are not eligible to take the exam. For additional information about the exam, including links to study resources, please refer to the Information Proficiency Exam Student Guide.
  • Are there study resources for the Information Competency Proficiency Exam?
    Yes. For additional information about the exam, including links to study resources, please refer to the Information Proficiency Exam Student Guide.
  • Are there any prerequisites for Library 10?
    Students taking this course should be at or above the level for English 1A (English Composition), Reading 54 (Critical College Reading and Thinking), and Computer Applications 70 (Using MS Windows). Please note that students who are not eligible for these advisories may have trouble passing this course.
  • When should I take Library 10?
    It is highly recommended that you take LIB 10 early in your college career - preferably in your first semester if you meet the above advisories. The research skills you develop in LIB 10 will help you in many of your courses.
  • Does this course have a required textbook?
    This course does not have a required textbook, but supplemental reading will be assigned. All supplemental readings are available at no charge through Canvas, the Mission College Library resources, or the Web.
  • This is a one-unit course so that means there will not be much homework, right?
    Wrong. Academic courses are assigned units based on the amount of time a student is expected to devote to learning per semester. For a one-unit course that meets once a week over the entire semester (16 weeks) the minimum is three hours of student work per week. This typically equals one hour in-class, plus two hours of study/homework per week. For an online course, the "in-class" time is added to the study/homework time, so a one unit course requires three hours of learning per week. The time commitment doubles for an eight week course.
  • What is the difference between the online course and the on-campus course?
    The online course does not have weekly meetings, but the material covered and the time commitment is the same: three hours per week for the 16 week course and six hours per week for the eight week course. To find out if online learning is right for you, go to the Mission College Online Learning Web page.
  • Is the online course easier because we do not have to meet on-campus weekly?
    Even though the online course does not have weekly face-to-face meetings, the time commitment per week is the same. For the online course, class material and lectures will be presented in a variety of formats, including PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDF documents, and video presentations with sound. Often students new to online learning perceive and expect online courses to be easy and involve little to no work on their part. This is a misperception, and in fact, online courses may be more demanding than a face-to-face course depending on the learning style of the student. Online courses are not recommended for all students. To find out if online learning is right for you, go to the Mission College Online Learning Web page.
  • Is the online course self-paced?
    No. The online course is not self-paced. You will have weekly assignments with weekly due dates.
  • Is the online course conducted completely online?
    Yes. The online course is conducted completely online, however, you will be required to physically go to a library in order to complete one homework assignment (you may use the Mission College Library or a public, college, or university library near your home). The primary mode of instruction is through the Canvas Learning Management System.
  • Where can I find out more about the Canvas Learning Management System?
    Go to the Mission College Canvas Student Support Web page.
  • Does the online course have a mandatory on-campus orientation?
    No. There is not a mandatory orientation for the online course.
  • What should I do if I am on a wait list?
    If you are on a wait list for an on-campus course, please attend the first class meeting and if there are spaces available, students will be added in the order they appear on the wait list If you are on a wait list for an online course, your instructor will contact students via email, in the order they appear on the wait list, as spaces become available. If you are on a wait list be sure to verify that your current email address is listed in My Mission Portal . Students will not be given add codes past the first class meeting for an on campus course, and past the first week for an online course. Please note that the order of the wait list is strictly followed.
  • Is Library 10 transferable?
    Yes. The credit from Library 10 is transferable to the California State University system (CSU) and the University of California system (UC). It may also be transferable to other colleges and universities, but you must check with each individual institution.