Faculty Services

Students in the Collaboration Room

How to Activate your Library Account
An active Library account is needed to check out Library material and to access the Library's online resources (e-books, streaming videos, databases, etc.) from off-campus. You need to come in person to the Library Check Out Desk with your Mission ID card to activate your account. Note that students are automatically added to the Library’s system when they register.

Faculty Borrowing Guidelines
Faculty library privileges are more flexible than student privileges.

Online Services
The Online Services page provides information and links to all of the Library's online services available to your students.

NoodleTools Citation Creation Tool
For information about NoodleTools, refer to the NoodleTools Faculty handout.

E-books may be accessed through theLibrary’s Online Catalog or from the Library Research Databases page. They are listed under the subject Electronic Books & Films. For information regarding accessing, downloading, printing, and emailing e-books, refer to the E-Books handout.

For information on assigning O'Reilly Safari Books & Tutorials as class material, refer to O'Reilly Safari Books Online for Faculty (PDFWord).

Streaming Videos
The Library provides online access to films and videos. They may be accessed through the Library’s Online Catalog or from the Films on Demand and Black Studies in Video databases available on the Library Research Databases page. For instructions on how to embed videos in Canvas, refer to the following handouts: Embed - Films on Demand and Embed - Black Studies in Video.

Library Database Articles
Faculty are encouraged to use articles from the subscription databases as course material. However, instead of copying articles or linking directly to them, we recommend that you provide your students with the instructions on how to find the article. For a template that you can use to provide instructions for your students, refer to the Database Search Instructions handout.