Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Type of Committee: Participatory Group
Sub-Committee Reports to: GAP

Charge: The Mission College Institutional Effectiveness Committee will be constituted as a standing committee of Mission College. The Committee will report to GAP.

  • To guide dissemination, understanding, and effective implementation of ACCJC accreditation standards
  • To provide technical support and training in regards to use of an Institutional Effectiveness Cycle
  • To provide technical support and training in the use of measures which evaluate effectiveness of strategies and promote accountability across all segments of the college
  • To review institutional planning activities and processes for effectiveness, efficiency, and adherence to accreditation standards and make recommendations to the college on possible revisions
  • Review program review goals to identify emerging themes and integrate needs across programs and services
  • To support effective linkage of Program Review and institutional planning through a review of resource requests for accountability measures, fit with college strategic plans, and linkage to accreditation standards

As part of the resource allocation process, members of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee will combine with members of CBAC to conduct a second level grouping and prioritization of resource requests. This prioritization will be based on the review of Program Review plans which accompany the requests. A joint recommendation of grouping and priority will be sent to GAP for further consideration.