Basic Skills Committee Members

Mission College Basic Skills Committee Contact List 2013-2014

Updated 11/5/13

Official/Voting Members


Sarah Sullivan    Representing - BSI Coordinator
Instructor, Reading
Phone: (408) 855-5050
Office location: N3-601


Ken Songco    Representing - Administration
Director, Federal Student Services Grants - AANAPISI
Phone: (408) 855-5037
Office location: N1-201A

Kathy Henderson    Representing - Administration
Dean of Instruction; Liberal Studies & Language Arts
Phone: (408)855- 5113
Office location: GC-337H

Susan Zeisler    Representing - BSI Coordinator
Instructor, English
Phone: (408) 855- 5426
Office location: N2-402H

Donnelle McGee    Representing - Counseling Department
Phone: (408) 855-5042
Office location: E1-301

Rachel Prescott    Representing - ESL Department
Instructor, ESL Department

Chia Green    Representing - ASC (Tutoring Center)
Phone: (408) 855- 5348
Office location: N2-403G

John Dedinsky    Representing - Math Department

Sarah Randle    Representing - Research Department
Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness (ORPIE)
Phone: (408) 855-5239

Alla Petroysan    Representing - English Department
English Instructor

Eboni White    Representing - Students

Beatrice Adjei    Representing - Students