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Follow-up Report Evidence 2015
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[docx] R1.1 Institutional Effectiveness Planning Meeting Notes, 4-25-14.docx 1.4 MB 2015-Mar-13
[doc] 119.0 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.3 MC Constituencies and Committees, 2011-12.pdf 253.3 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.4 Strategic Planning Summit Notes, 5-16-14.docx 44.7 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.5 MC Constituencies and Committees, 2014-2015.pdf 889.8 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.6 Strategic Planning Summit Notes, 8-20-14.docx 3.3 MB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.7 MC Constituencies and Committees, 2014-2015, revised.PDF 893.4 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.8 Mission College-Board of Trustees Goal Alignment.pdf 75.2 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.9 Strategic Planning Summit Notes, 12-5-14.docx 828.8 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.10 Mid-Year Self-Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness-Faculty Professional Development Committee.docx 34.2 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.11 Mid-Year Self-Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness-Mental Health and Wellness Committee.docx 34.0 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.12 Mid-Year Self-Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness-Classified Senate.docx 47.8 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.13 CBAC Minutes, 9-10-14, pg. 2.pdf 380.6 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.14 Institutional Effectiveness Committee Minutes.pdf 116.2 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.15 Email, Master Planning Calendar, 11-18-14.pdf 35.8 KB 2015-Mar-13
[xlsx] R1.16 Master Planning and Evaluation Calendar.xlsx 25.4 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.17 Mission College Academic Senate Minutes, 12-4-14.pdf 575.7 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.18 Strategic Planning Summit Notes, 5-16-14.docx 44.7 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.19 Strategic Goals Committee Alignment 13-14.pdf 1.0 MB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.20 Strategic Planning Summit Notes, 8-20-14.docx 3.3 MB 2015-Mar-13
[pptx] R1.21 Strategic Planning Summit PPT, 8-20-14.pptx 2.1 MB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.22 Mission College Strategic Plan and Goals 2012-2013 - 2015-2016.docx 1.4 MB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.23 Mission College Budget Allocation Model.docx 311.4 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.24 Program Review Commitee Minutes, 5-2-14.pdf 37.9 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.25 CBAC Minutes, 2-12-14.docx 1.4 MB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.26 CBAC Minutes, 3-12-14.docx 1.4 MB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.27 CBAC Minutes, 3-26-14.pdf 98.7 KB 2015-Mar-13
[docx] R1.28 CBAC Minutes, 10-8-14.docx 38.3 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pdf] R1.29 GAP Minutes, 10-15-14.pdf 182.2 KB 2015-Mar-13
[pptx] R1.30 Presentation Integrated Budget Allocation and Program Review Process, 10-9-14.pptx 286.4 KB 2015-Mar-13
[db] Thumbs.db 44.5 KB 2015-Mar-13
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