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How to Log into ANGEL

ANGEL 8.0 Student QuickStart Tutorial (Includes a keyword search function)  - Once you access the Tutorial, click on "ANGEL Student QuickStart Tutorial" on the left menu to see the table of contents.

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How to log into ANGEL

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Best Practices for Success with ANGEL

At Mission College all instructors use the ANGEL Learning Management System for their online and hybrid courses, but most also use it in their face-to-face courses, therefore, it is very important that students become familiar with ANGEL.

Once you access the Tutorial, click on "ANGEL Student QuickStart Tutorial" on the left menu and start by reading the sections on "Elements of an ANGEL Course" and "Navigating Within a Course."

  • Start the Course with Realistic Expectations

Online courses are not easier that face-to-face courses. In fact, online courses are often more difficult and time intensive. Online courses provide a tremendous amount of flexibility, but they are not self-paced. Therefore, it is crucial that you be self-motivated, self-disciplined, self-directed and very organized.

You need to devote a minimum of three hours per week for each unit of credit. For example, if a course is three units, you should expect to dedicate at least nine hours per week to that one course. Note that if you do not have the advisories for the course, or English is your second language, it may take you longer.

Once the course begins, check ANGEL a minimum of twice a week, but preferably more often. Realize that interaction with your instructor and other students in an online class is different from interaction in a face-to-face class; therefore, you have to be highly aware of netiquette.

Determine to become an engaged participant in your online class, and to communicated with your instructor on a regular basis. When taking an online course you must take the initiative to ask your instructor questions if you do not understand the material.

  • Become Familiar with Your ANGEL Courses

The best way to become comfortable in ANGEL is to log into each of your courses and familiarize yourself with the course format. The format for all ANGEL courses are basically the same, but each instructor usually customizes the look and feel of their course.

  • Find and Review the Course Syllabus

The syllabus is your course contract. It is your responsibility to read and understand it. If you do not understand it, it is your responsibility to ask your instructor questions.

  • Understand that Technology Can Fail

There are no computer excuses in an online class.  Make a contingency plan in case something happens to your computer and complete assignments early enough to take into account any problems that may occur.

If you start to experience problems with ANGEL, check to see that you are using a supported browser. Browsers are updated more frequently than ANGEL, so the most recent version of a browser may not be supported by ANGEL.


Need Help with ANGEL?

Read the Student FAQ

Request assistance by completing the Mission College ANGEL Help Form located in the Public Announcements area on the ANGEL Login page. You may have to scroll down to see it.