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Online Learning

What is online learning?

Online Learning courses are delivered online and offer the flexibility of learning anywhere, and anytime. At Mission College, these courses are taught using the Canvas Learning Management System. Students taking online courses use Canvas to view online lectures, participate in virtual discussions and chats, and even to take exams and practice quizzes.

Is online learning right for you?

Online courses can work for any student, just as a physical, onsite classroom with face-to-face instruction can work for any student - however, the quality of the "fit" varies with instructors and class environments. Taking an online course requires just as much time and effort as a course on campus - maybe more! To see if online courses are right for you, review the following questions. The more yes answers you have, the more successful you will be.

  • Do you like to work independently?
  • Do you need convenience and an adjustable schedule?
  • Are you comfortable asking for clarification and continuing to ask when you need more information?
  • Are you good at meeting deadlines?
  • Are you comfortable working at a computer?
  • Do you have experience surfing the World Wide Web? If most of your experience is through AOL (America Online), you may need to investigate other paths to the web such as Internet Explorer before taking an online course through Mission College.
  • Are you comfortable working primarily with a text-based medium?
  • Would you be comfortable phoning or faxing your instructor if you had problems with anything in the course?

Still not sure? Take the survey to see if online learning is a good fit for you.

Have questions? Read the Student FAQ.

What's my next step?

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