Career Technical Education (CTE) Career Pathways

What are CTE Career Pathways?

In today's job market, most careers require education beyond high school.

  • 20 percent require professional degrees
  • 62 percent require skilled labor

Mission College CTE Career Pathways are a great way to start a college technical major while still in high school. In a CTE Career Pathways program, you begin your course of study in high school and continue in a community college, such as Mission College. The result is a certificate or associate degree in a career field, or transfer to a four-year program.

What are the advantages of CTE Career Pathways?
  • Save money. College is expensive. The free  CTE Career Pathways college credits you earn apply toward your high school diploma and toward certificates and degrees at Mission College.
  • Save time. Get a head start on your certificate or degree program requirements by earning college credits in your CTE courses before you even set foot on Mission College s campus.
  • Gain confidence and a sense of success. Earning college credits before you leave high school lets you know that you can succeed at Mission College.

Visit CTE Career Pathways Advantages to learn how CTE Career Pathways can be a tremendous benefit to students, parents, and the community.

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CTE Career Pathways Coordinator: Susan Schenck
tel: 408-855-5199
office: Main Building S3-203A