Preparing For A Math Test

Your success on a math test can be maximized by proper preparation. 

  1. Practice good study techniques throughout the semester.

    Read the section on study techniques for mathematics. for details.

  2. Begin studying for the test at least one week ahead of time.

  3. Work out all practice tests in the textbook and those given by your instructor.
  4. Review your study lists.

  5. Find out from your instructor:

    • on which topics or objectives you will be tested.
    • what materials are needed for the test: calculators, rulers, etc.
    • what materials are prohibited from the tests: calculators, cell-phones, etc. 
  6. Prepare yourself physically

    • Get proper exercise weekly.
    • Eat properly prior to the test.
      • Avoid overeating just before the test.
      • Eat a good breakfast and/or lunch before the test.
      • Do not drink too much before the test: you do not want to have to use the restroom during the test.
      • Avoid too much caffinated beverages before the test; this may cause nervousness.
      • Do not use alcohol or recreational drugs before the test. These will impair your concentration and brain functioning.
      • If you are taking prescribed medications, be aware of their effects on your concentration and thinking. Adjust your intellectual activity accordingly.
    • Get a good night sleep before the test. Staying up late cramming is not productive and can reduce your mental sharpness. 
  7. Read the section on doing well on a math test so you know what to do once the test has started.
  8. Do not study the day of the test. Relax and be confident that you have done your best to prepare. Additional studying will only make you more nervous and reducde your confidence. Before the test, take a nice walk around the campus and think positive thoughts.