MAPS: Math Achievement Pathway to Success

What Is MAPS?

What is MAPS? The Math Achievement Pathway to Success (MAPS) offers students an approach to success, particularly for those who have had difficulty in previous math courses.

Instructors, counselors and tutors/mentors collaborate to help students complete their mathematics requirements. One of the advantages of the MAPS program is that students have about 8 hours of class per week (compared to 5 hours in other algebra classes). They sign up for Math 903M and Math 903MX in the Fall and in the Spring students sign up for Math CM and Math CMX. One section each semester of MAPS class is offered.

Students in the MAPS Program attend class for two hours of instruction Monday through Thursday. This instructional time provides class activities and collaborative group work. Tutors are available during the part of the class time and after class to assist students who have questions about the material (more in About MAPS).