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Program Specifications

Below you can find a detailed list of the classes and requirements connected to this program.

The following classes are required for this program.

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Class Name


GDES 062 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 3.0
GDES 063 Introduction to Adobe InDesign 3.0
GDES 064 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3.0
GDES 066 Advanced Adobe Illustrator 3.0
GDES 067 Advanced Adobe InDesign 3.0
GDES 068 Advanced Adobe Photoshop 3.0

Plus select an additional course (or courses) to complete the required minimum total of 21 semester units

GDES 035 Introduction to Computer Graphic Design 3.0
GDES 045 Web Design With HTML and CSS 3.0
GDES 060 Electronic Page Layout & Typography 3.0
GDES 085 Professional Portfolio and Design


CA 046D Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint 1.0

Graphic Arts
Certificate and Degree

The pace and volume of content distribution continues to accelerate. This increasing demand for information and communication promises to keep the graphic arts field expanding with a wealth of job, career, and creative opportunities, both in the print field as well as on the web.

Multiple opportunities

Opportunities range from electronic page layout, illustration, visual asset production for the web, print production, image manipulation, and presswork. Continual advances in technology contribute to new and unexplored avenues for the creative arts.

Gainful Employment Disclosures for the Certificate

Student Work


  • This program consists of 21 units

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"I learned so many new skills, and really got better at using the ones I already new. It amazes me how much you can learn in just one semester."

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