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Program Specifications

Below you can find a detailed list of the classes and requirements connected to this program.

The following classes are required for this program.
Note:The classes listed reflect program changes going into effect Fall 2011.

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Core Courses


Class Name


CIS 043 Software Development With Java 4.0
MATH 019 Discrete Mathematics 4.0

Select one (1) from the following:

ART 031A Beginning Drawing 3.0
ART 033B Basic Design: Three-Dimensional 3.0
GDES 011 The History of Modern Design 3.0

Select one (1) pair from the following to total six units:

GDES 039A Introduction to Computer Animation 3.0
GDES 039B Intermediate Computer Animation 3.0
GDES 043A Digital Character Animation 3.0
GDES 082 Game Design and Architecture 3.0

Select one (1) from the following:

MATH 001 Pre-Calculus Algebra 3.0
MATH 000D Trigonometry 3.0
20 Total Units


Video Game
Development Certificate

Video game developers are a core member of video game development teams.

Game designers

They build the systems that propel and track the game development efforts. Game developers construct the engine and interactive game systems that communicate with the player. The programming and technical arts that make up the study of this program details the links and methods of player inputs to the game system, and the game's response to the player. Course articulation has been established between Mission College and the UC Santa Cruz.

Student Work


  • This program consists of 20 units

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"It has been great to see the many different techniques you can use to achieve your result. I feel so much more capable than I used to, and much more confident in my abilities."

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