3D Game Character Animation with Maya

Learn to animate characters in 3D using Autodesk Maya

This is an introductory course in character animation using Maya to generate animation. Using pre-built 3D characters, students learn basic animation principles such as squash and stretch, and anticipation. Students learn the controls for 3D mesh characters, and will generate walk cycles, run cycles, and action sequences. Students develop concepts for short movies for 3D characters in action sequences, and add lighting and textures to their scenes, in making their animated movie shorts. Pass/No Pass Option.

Class Information

  • This class consists of 3 units including both lecture and lab
  • Advisories/Prerequisites: Consult current catalog
  • Acceptable for credit: California State University


"I learned so many new skills, and really got better at using the ones I already knew. It amazes me how much you can learn in just one semester."

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