Hospitality Management Courses

Complete List of Courses

: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry - 2 Units | Lecture 2 hours 

An overview of the hospitality industry.

 FDRST 051: Basic Food Preparation - 5  units | Lecture 2 1/2 hours; lab 7 1/2 hours 

Practice in the basic principles of food preparation. A Lecture/lab course dealing with the fundamentals of food preparation. Includes the preparation of small quantities of the basic food groups. Uniform required.

: Quantity Foods Preparation 6 Units | Lecure / Lab 

The students engage in a real cafeteria operation, and are rotated through all jobs. The emphasis is on management, quantity food preparation and teamwork. Menu planning, purchasing, organization, cost accounting and scheduling are reinforced. Uniforms are required.

FDRST 053: Restaurant Operations -  6 Units Lecure / Lab 

Students engage in a real restaurant operation. They are rotated through all jobs. The emphasis is on management, planning, food preparation and service. Elements of banquet and catering services are introduced. Cost accounting, purchasing, supervision, and sanitation and safety are reinforced. Uniforms are required.

FDRST 054:
 Hotel and Restaurant Accounting - 3 Units | Lecture 3 hours

A systematic study of the basic principles of accounting as they apply to the Hospitality Industry.

FDRST 055: Food Purchasing - 3 Units | Lecture 3 hours

This course covers two basic areas. Product information which is required for procurement in the food services industry and fundamental principles and purchasing techniques, receiving and storage of supplies.

FDRST 058: Food Beverage And Labor Cost Controls - 3 Units |   Lecture 3 hours

A study of food and beverage control systems used in small and large food and beverage operations. Pre-cost control, inventory systems, cost analysis, food and beverage cost percentages and profit and loss statement will be covered. Also included are the cycle of product handling; federal, state and local laws and requirements and licensing as they apply to the hospitality industry.

FDRST 059: Supervision and Leadership - 3 Units | Lecture 3 hours

This course approaches Food Service Management from two different perspectives. The first is the overall theory of management including an industry overview, general theory, systems, organization and decision making control. The second perspective deals with the operational functions of productivity, labor relations, financial management, marketing, legal, feasibility studies, and franchising.

FDRST 060A: Food Service Facilities Planning - 3 Units | Lecture 3 hours

A Course designed to familiarize students with complexities of planning, designing and equipping a food service operation.

FDRST 073: Fundamentals Of Baking And Confectionery - 2 Units | Lecture 1 hour; Lab 2 hours

This course will introduce baking and confectionery work. The student will have an opportunity to observe baking and decorating demonstrations and participate in the preparation of cakes and pies, pastries and desserts. A $80.00 fee is required at time of registration. A uniform is required.

FDRST 074: Intermediate Baking And Confectionery - 2 Units | 
Lecture 1 hour; Lab 2 hours

A continuation of FDRST 073 with emphasis placed on advanced techniques of baking skills and confectionery design. A $80.00 fee is required at time of registration. A uniform is required.

FDRST 075: Menu Planning - 2 Units | 
Lecture 2 hours

This course covers the principles of menu planning for restaurants, institutions and other food service operations.

FDRST 077: Chocolate Creations - 2 Units (non-associate degree course) | Lecture 1 hour; Lab 2 hours

The student will learn the tempering of chocolate, production of ganaches, truffles, chocolate rolls, marzipan, couvertures, chocolate tulips and other designs. A $80.00 fee is charged at time of registration. Uniform is required.

FDRST 078: Wine And Spirits Of The World  - 2 Units
 (non-associate degree course) | Lecture 2 hour

This course introduces the student to the history of beer, distilled spirits and wine. The course examines the various alcoholic beveragtes produced throughout the world and the laws pertaining to it. Storage and service are covered as well.

INFDS 050: Sanitation And Safety - 2 Units | Lecture 2 hour

Personal hygeine and cleanliness. Sanitary practices in food preparation. Safety precautions & training for accident prevention.

HM 075: Housekeeping In Hotels, Motels, And Institutions - 3 Units | Lecture 3 hours

Introduction to the fundamentals and principles involved in the management of the housekeeping functions in hotels, motels, and institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes.

HM 076: Hotel And Motel Front Office Management - 3 Units | Lecture 3 hours

Introduction to the principles of effective front office management. Will cover the front office's significance to hotelkeeping; describe the roles and functions of the office staff as well as the forms, machines and procedures used from the guests' arrival to departure.

Other Electives Classes Offered

Food & Wine Pairing
Catering Management & Operations
Beginning Breads
Intermediate Cuisine
Healthy Cuisine