Engr 24 - Introduction to Circuit Analysis

circuit diagram
Engr 24 Course Description

This is an introductory course in the analysis of electric circuits.  The emphasis is on analysis and setting up equations arising from the application of Kirchoff’s Laws, Ohm’s Law, and Thevenin and Norton Theorems, both in DC and AC circuits.  Topics include nodal and mesh analysis, periodic forcing functions, phasors, frequency response, resonant circuits, transient responses, dependent sources, and operational amplifiers.  This course is primarily for engineering transfer students.

About Engr 24

Engr 24 is offered during the daytime twice per week in the fall semester and one day per week in the evening during the spring semester.  This is a 3-unit course.  It is important that students take Physics: Electricity and Magnetism (Phys 4B) before Engr24.  Enrollment in the lab (Engr 24L) is not required however the lab is recommended.

Engr24 Circuit Analysis Homework

Engr 24 Lecture Packet