Counseling Faculty

Counseling Faculty

Top (L-R): Thuy Trang, Alicia Martinez, Priscilla Jones, Donnelle McGee, Bob Miller, Carol Beck, Rebeca Sanchez, and Theresa Lawhead.
Bottom (L-R): Chau Nguyen, Yolanda Coleman, Char Perlas, Bianka Guardino, Rebecca Tran and Theresa Tran.

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Full-time Counseling Faculty

Carol Beck

Melodie Cameron

Nohemy Chavez

Yolanda Coleman

Bianka Guardino

Priscilla Jones

Theresa Lawhead

Alicia Martinez

Donnelle McGee

Bob Miller

Chau Nguyen

Abdishakur Omar

Rebeca Sanchez
Retired as of Fall 2015

Gaozong Thao

Rebecca Tran

Theresa Tran

Thuy Trang



Associate Counseling Faculty

Kathryn Bennett

Glory Bratton

Andrea Broussard

Alma Garcia

Michele Hittleman

Catrina Jamello

Betty Inoue

MinhTuan Nguyen

Phuong Nguyen

Adrienne Pierre

David Piper