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Credit Courses

Credit Courses

IS 10-Peer Tutor and Mentor Training

This is a 1.5 units online course for students who want to learn about peer assistance techniques and become an effective peer educator. Students will learn how to establish goals and objectives, implement an assistance session plan, apply learning strategies, develop effective communication and listening skills, and foster critical thinking. Because these principles are flexible, each tutor/mentor will be able to apply them across different disciplines and settings.

This course is also a College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certified training program. Students taking the Peer Tutor and Mentor Training are given the option to receive a CRLA Tutor Certification if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Successfully complete the IS 10 Peer Tutor and Mentor Training course
  2. Successfully demonstrate 25 hours of single tutor/single "unit" of concurrent tutoring contact or a minimum of 50 hours of multiple tutors/multiple sequential tutees tutoring

The option to receive the CRLA certification is not required to pass the Peer Tutor and Mentor Training course.

IS 30- Digital Study Strategies ---New in Spring 2017!

2 unit lecture course. Online. Study without paper! This course teaches study strategies for digital materials and online course assignments. Topics include: reading and studying online textbooks, taking and organizing digital notes, communication strategies for blogs, wikis and discussion forum posts, techniques for online group work, scheduling yourself to do online course homework, using virtual calendars to manage your time, and using electronic resources such as phone/tablet apps and Web 2.0 tools to personalize your learning.

IS 949-College Study Skills

1 unit lecture course. Online. This course is designed to help students improve essential study skills. After an assessment of needs, the students learn, practice, and discuss successful study strategies to employ in their college courses. Topics may include: taking notes, studying from textbooks, managing time, preparing for tests, and effectively using college resources.

Non-Credit Academic Skills Courses

IS 947-Supervised Tutoring

0 units. Open entry/open exit. 0 required hours. Corequisite: Enrollment in the course or courses at Mission College for which tutoring is sought. This course provides learning assistance in the form of tutoring. Students will be assigned to tutoring by an instructor or counselor based on an identified learning need. For registration procedures, stop by the Academic Support Center in S2-401.

IS 990-Conversation Skills for Non-Native English Speakers

0 units. This course focuses on communication practice for home, work, community, and educational needs. Activities are aimed at the intermediate levels of ESL, but students at any conversation skill level are encouraged to join.

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