Academic Support Center

ASC instructor with students
Academic Support Center Surveys

Fall 2014 ASC Student Survey

Academic Support Center Services

Location: Main Building S2-401 and S2-201

Tutoring Center: All College Tutoring Services

    • Tutors for most Mission College courses
    • Drop-in, appointment, and/or group tutoring

Study Center: Academic Support

    • Strategies for success with homework, projects, and tests
    • Resources (text and digital) for completing assignments
    • Development of computer and digital literacy skills 

    • Practice in college reading, writing, grammar, and math 
    • Practice in English as a second language (ESL) skills

The mission of the Academic Support Center (ASC) is to empower students to become independent and active learners and to achieve academic success. We strive to offer quality academic support in a variety of formats to respond to individual student needs.

Our faculty, staff, and tutors promote active learning through small group workshops, individual and group tutoring, personalized assessment, and interactive multimedia.

Come and learn how we can help you succeed!