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Business and Social Communications for Foreign Born Professionals

Mission College offers a wide range of English levels and a complete spectrum of speaking, writing and reading topics to assure a growing comfort level in the English language. To help us customize materials that will be the most helpful to you, we take the following steps:

  • Conduct an informal tour of your company and meet potential participants of the program
  • Gather information about the reading, speaking, writing, and grammar needs through individual and group interviews
  • Interpret and report the results
  • Recommend a training plan
  • Collaborate with you to finalize the curriculum parameters, training objectives, and class schedules
  • Use materials from your company to create the teaching text


Communication Classes:

Business Situations
Describing job situations and responsibilities, describing products and services, giving instructions, practicing teamwork and group interaction, participating in meetings; discussing business idioms; discussing trends,negotiating; discussing business agreements; chairing meetings, understanding American business practices; knowing workplace safety issues.

Conversational Techniques
Asking for clarification and information; expressing and asking for opinions; making suggestions, making, confirming, and refusing requests; complaining, apologizing and forgiving, congratulating, empathizing and sympathizing, agreeing and disagreeing, expressing hesitation and interruption; reducing accent; improving pronunciation.

Social Situations/American Culture
Using polite language; practicing introductions, greetings, inviting, thanking, showing appreciation; offering and requesting; correcting misunderstandings; making small talk; discussing American customs and culture.

Effective presentations in English for Marketing
Preparing, organizing and delivering an effective presentation; developing delivery skills for a variety of public or audience situations.

Workplace written communications:
Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure; gathering information; organizing information and thoughts, getting ready to write; understanding your audience; creating a readable document; writing different business documents (e-mail memos; formal reports; abstracts; technical reports; manuals; proposals; concept/position papers); editing skills.