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We Deliver Quality:

  • Instructors/Trainers - professionally trained and certified
  • Programs - Seminars, workshops, for-credit and certification programs custom-designed to meet your standards

We Deliver Convenience:

  • On Site Programs - your workforce maximizes training benefits while minimizing lost time
  • Registration on the spot - wait-free processing and enrolling in Mission College
  • Classes and workshops timed to meet your schedule - professional education and training delivered 24/7, 12 months a year

We Deliver Satisfaction:

Since 1989 we have successfully worked and partnered with scores of fortune 500 companies, community based organizations, city governments, small businesses, and start ups. You can join this ever growing list.

We Tailor Our Programs to Your Needs:

  • Workshops and seminars designed to meet your business need
  • Customized Certificates-work with our experts to develop and roll out a certificate that meets your needs
  • Customized Associate Degrees - match academic rigor to the needs of your workplace
  • On site Assessment and Counseling - help your workforce determine their abilities and create paths to reach their goals