Welcome to the West Valley Mission College ANGEL 7.1 Help System. This help system is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of ANGEL and its collaborative tools.

ANGEL is a web-based course management and collaboration portal that helps instructors manage course material and communicate quickly, easily, and effectively.  ANGEL is designed to be used as a complement to traditional courses and for distance learning.

With ANGEL, you can take surveys, quizzes and tests, send and receive course mail, post to threaded discussions and chat rooms, upload assignments using drop-boxes, and more. You can also check your progress and grades at any time during the course and can create groups and teams for project or committee work.

A significant part of ANGELís power is its ability to be tailored to specific institutional needs. Please note that because your institution determines which tools are made accessible, some segments of this guide may not apply to your use of ANGEL. Contact the West Valley Mission College support desk for questions regarding ANGEL.