Priyanka  Dinesh

Counselor, Counseling

I have been a Counselor at Mission College since 2017. Prior to Mission, I was a Counselor at Las Positas College and De Anza College.

I love helping community college students achieve their goals, complete their education successfully and eventually land their dream jobs. As a Counselor, my goal is to help you navigate the ever so complex community college system, advise you on classes pertinent to your major, develop an individualized education plan,  transfer to a four-year school, and overall ensure your academic and personal success.


M.S., Psychology and Education, University of Cambridge, UK
M.S., Counseling Psychology, Bangalore University, India
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bangalore University, India

Fast Facts

I have been a vegetarian all my life and became vegan in 2014. I have lived on three different continents and aspire to travel to at least the other four in my lifetime. Yes, Antarctica too! I speak three languages and love interacting with people from different cultures. And I love cats! 




Priyanka Dinesh

Priyanka Dinesh
phone: 408-855-5537
office: SEC-133J