Kara  Chambers

Faculty, ESL

Kara Chambers has been teaching ESL since 1989. That’s over 25 years! She has taught at Mission College full-time since 2001 and is happy to call Mission her home. She has experience teaching all skill areas and levels of ESL --- listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. She loves her job because she gets to work with people from different cultures and learn from them every day.


MA TESOL San Francisco State University 1995
BA English and Comparative Literature San Francisco State University 1991

Fast Facts

Kara has experience traveling and living in other cultures.  While a college student, she spent six months in Nepal and India, climbing mountains, learning about Tibetan Buddhism, and talking to the local people.  Later while still in college, she lived in Italy.  The years she was in Europe, 1989-1990, were a time of great political shifts and it was exciting to be present for the historic changes taking place. 

Kara adores traveling and has visited Thailand, Nepal, India, Ireland, England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, The Czech Republic, the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada.  She has been to more than 35 of the 50 United States so far.  She has South America, New Zealand or Australia, but would love to visit those places, too. 

Kara also loves to learn languages, because she loves words and because she loves to talk to people!   She has studied Italian, French, Latin, German, Spanish, Vietnamese and American Sign Language. 



Kara Chambers

Kara Chambers
phone: 408-855-5278
email: kara.chambers@wvm.edu
office: SEC-248P